NLX Welcomes Joan

January 13, 2021

Conversational AI start-up NLX has announced that Dr. Joan Palmiter Bajorek, recognized globally as one of the leading influencers in voice tech, is joining the company as Head of User Research to help take the Voice Compass product to the next level through data-driven and user-centered approaches.

An Alexa Champion, ranked the #4 influencer by in 2020, and Finalist for “Voice AI Pioneer of the Year” 2020, Dr. Bajorek has already established herself as a national and international leader in the voice tech field. Previously a Senior Conversation Experience Designer at Nuance; the Head of Conversational Research at VERSA, and Principal User Experience Researcher at the University of Arizona, Dr. Bajorek has more than seven years’ experience in strategy and execution for conversational AI products across healthcare, telecom, utilities, transportation, government, and customer service verticals.

“I was looking for a great team and with products that push the tech forward,” she explains. “For me, it’s crucial to be with a team that values both my technical chops and strategic perspective on Voice AI. Being a champion of the future of multimodal voice-enabled tech for years, it is a fantastic fit to join such a fast-moving, early stage start-up as NLX, signing many clients and rapidly iterating multimodal experiences.”

“We are thrilled to have Joan on board,” says NLX CEO and co-founder Andrei Papancea. “Her breadth of technical expertise and world-class expertise in integrating Conversational AI are stellar and exactly what we need. Together, we can advance Voice Compass for better user experience where customers can take self-paced, interactive and multimodal journeys that guide them through the steps normally provided by a live agent.”

In addition to her technical work, Dr. Bajorek is also the CEO and Founder of Women in Voice (WiV), an international non-profit with pending 501(c)(3) status empowering women and gender diversity in voice tech. As of 2020, WiV has scaled to 20 chapters in 15 countries with over 100 international ambassadors. Partnering with Google, Amazon, the BBC and more at events internationally, WiV is helping to shape the voice tech field to be more inclusive.

Dr. Bajorek has been a speaker on voice and conversational AI at major international events including CES, VentureBeat, Alexa Devs, VOICE Summit, L3-AI by Rasa, Voice Tech Summit India, GeekGirlCon, The Voice Den, Girls Who Code, Rosetta Stone, Women in AI Summit, and NewVoice Summit by Google Assistant Brazil.

As a researcher and scholar, her PhD research and thought leadership pieces have been featured in Harvard Business Review, Cambridge University Press, Adobe XD, and SoundHound among others, exploring the future of voice products, bias in AI, platform disruption, and multimodal and multilingual interfaces of the future. She holds a PhD from the University of Arizona in the field of speech language technology and an MA in Linguistics from the University of California, Davis.

Doug Bryers

Head of Product Marketing