Finding Conversational Solutions for Banking

July 15, 2021

The Problem

The digital banking experience is extremely robust. These days, people are able to transfer funds between accounts, deposit a check, apply for a new credit card, send money to a friend— all online, all in one place. The customer experience issue in this scenario is the steep learning curve that comes with all of these perks. Banks continue to transition, evolve, and are getting acquired by larger banks more than ever these days. All of this impacts the overall customer experience. Suddenly, what was once a routine and familiar experience has now been replaced by an overwhelming and complicated process, forcing users to learn to navigate through new interfaces and, more importantly, a new customer support system. Call volume increases, agents get overwhelmed, and bank customers get frustrated waiting on hold for more than half an hour.

Our Approach

The NLX Conversational UX Design team is careful to prioritize addressing client pain points, just as much as we prioritize the end user’s needs. When presented with the scenario of a bank acquisition, our first thought is, “How do we convey empathy for the customer and present our solution at the same time?” We know that any conversational experience must provide value to the customer. After putting ourselves in the shoes of the end user, we realized that this could be a potentially really scary time period. Thus, the solution needs to be personalized, comprehensive, and easy to understand. Out of all of NLX’s conversational offerings, Voice Compass® fits the profile completely. Voice Compass can use both visuals and voice guidance to create an easily digestible customer self-service experience. It can be both a step-by-step “how to” guide and task completion expeditor. Using Voice Compass, we can help customers reach their goals, like setting up new credentials on the new bank’s website, by tapping into their basic human need of seeing new information presented in multiple ways.

Why It’s Exciting - A Repeatable Pattern

This particular banking use case is exciting because it’s universal. Onboarding onto a new software or service or institution can be a very draining process for users due to its complicated nature. The solution we are currently designing for banking can be very easily applied to other industries. It’s not hard to imagine future applications of this Voice Compass journey in, say, academia, assisting faculty and students who need to transition from Canvas to another Learning Management System. The possibilities for brands to reduce the learning curve for their new customers are truly endless.

Elaine Anzaldo

Conversational UX Designer