Building Conversational Experiences

July 15, 2020

There are few things more empowering and engaging than a direct conversation that achieves a desired outcome.

Wherever natural language interaction is desired, be it over the phone, in chat, or integrated into your brand new wearable device, NLX is helping organizations deliver those next generation conversational experiences. We've been at the forefront of natural language-powered innovation and now, through our conversational AI platform, we are helping organizations build, manage, monitor and deliver a wide range of conversational applications. The result: organizations gain solutions that alleviate contact center bottlenecks and increase customer satisfaction. Moreover, they are accessible whenever and wherever they are needed.

We recently updated our website to reflect the high-paced evolution taking place as organizations move from simple chatbots to the next generation of conversational experiences.

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Andrei Papancea

Co-founder and CEO