NLX becomes APN Advanced Technology Partner

September 2, 2020

As we continue to power conversational experiences for global contact center customers using our next-generation Voice and AI capabilities, NLX is delighted to announce our recent elevation to APN Advanced Technology Partner. We are proud to join the ranks of a select group of APN Technology Partners in the Advanced Tier.

The designation of APN Advanced Technology Partner is the highest partnership achievable for providers of software and SaaS solutions on AWS. We met the rigorous qualification standards that not only tests a partner's knowledge and experience of AWS but requires proof of customer and market success.

As a senior engineering team we first embraced AWS back in 2015. The skills and expertise we acquired along the way became the strong technical backbone for what was to become, NLX. This latest achievement reflects not only our dedication and ongoing technical commitment to AWS but a collaborative strength gained through business and sales activity with the AWS team that has accelerated us to this point.

We are excited for the next chapter in our AWS partnership and are committed to continue to deliver and uphold the highest standards of technology and service to our customers.

Andrei Papancea

Co-founder and CEO